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Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment Services

Eco Qatar experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians provide technical support in the following areas:

  • Development and maintenance of programs to monitor and report source emissions of effluent-discharges to the marine environment, including computation of the pollution emission inventories and the overall pollution load into the Gulf (to include all regulated parameters). 
  • Development and implementation of programs to investigate and understand the fundamentals of the physical and chemical oceanography of Qatar’s coastal waters.
  • Development and implementation of monitoring programs to assess the ambient marine water concentrations of toxic heavy metals and micronutrients within the industrial operational areas in Qatar. 
  • Preparation of assessment reports on the degree of compliance with the national ambient water quality standards and on the state of the marine environment at large. 
  • Preparation of the marine environment interim monitoring reports for industrial operational activities to satisfy requirements by the central regulatory authority.
  • Development and supervision of the implementation of the national strategy for water quality monitoring for both 
    arine and ground water resources by optimizing the current available facilities and proposing needed additional resources.
  • Development of national QC/QA Handbooks/Guidelines for water quality monitoring and for data validation to ensure sampling and collection of accurate monitoring data by all industrial parties entrusted with monitoring activities.
  • Development of training materials on all issues relating to water quality monitoring and analysis and implementation of training programs for personnel involved in these activities to raise their awareness.
  • Development and implementation of eco-survey monitoring programs to continually assess the impact of off-shore operational activities on Qatar’s marine resources.