Source Emissions

Eco Qatar experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians provide onsite and mobile laboratory source emission testing services.

Our advanced mobile instrumentation generates direct real-time data, enabling our technicians to evaluate optimum emissions set points for pollution levels and determine compliance with permit limits while at the field site.

We provide reliable source emissions sampling and measurements for:

  • CO - Carbon Monoxide emissions 
  • PM and PM 10 - Particulate Matter emissions 
  • NOx - Nitrogen Oxide emissions 
  • SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide emissions 
  • O2 - Oxygen concentrations 
  • VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds emissions 
  • TRS - Total Reduced Sulfur emissions

Our source emissions testing services include EPA Methods and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Certification for:

  • SO2 emissions testing 
  • NOx emissions testing 
  • CO2 emissions testing 
  • O2 emissions testing 
  • H2S emissions testing 
  • CO emissions testing 
  • Flow services 
  • RA - Relative Accuracy services 
  • CD - Calibration Drift services 
  • Annual Relative Accuracy Test Audits 
  • Quarterly Cylinder Gas Audits



Technical services based on USEPA Guidelines are also available for water quality source emission monitoring to assess compliance with the regulatory limits.