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Air Quality Monitoring & Assessment Services

Eco Qatar experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians provide technical support in the following areas:

  • Procurement, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring instrumentations approved by the US EPA.
  • Development, supervision and implementation of QC/QA protocols for proper management of air quality monitoring stations/network. This is to ensure delivery of adequate and validated air quality & meteorological monitoring data sets based on best practices e.g. USEPA standards.
  • Statistical assessment of ambient air quality data to determine the state of the atmospheric environment, within the operational areas, and evaluate the degree of compliance with the national ambient air quality standards. 
  • Preparation of interim air quality monitoring reports for industrial operational activity so as to satisfy requirements by the central regulatory authority.
  • Conduct of air quality monitoring network design studies so as to optimize an existing network configuration and increase the monitoring efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Development of training materials on all issues relating to air quality monitoring and analysis and implementation of training programs for personnel involved in these activities to raise their awareness.
  • Development and maintenance of accounting and reporting tools and system to support the compilation of the industry’s emission inventories of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants. The emission inventories are essential for sustainable development {local and regional- scale air quality modeling} and compliance assessment in addition to requirements by the climate change convention.
  • Our teams are also conversant with the following modeling systems: ISCST3 /AERMOD modeling, Urban Air Modeling (UAM), Fugitive dust modeling (FDM), Coastal Dispersion Modeling, Regional Air Quality Modeling Applications, Airport air pollution dispersion modeling applications and Highway emissions dispersion modeling system.
  • Furthermore Eco Qatar is fully equipped to conduct regional air quality photochemical modeling campaigns using state of the art modeling systems.