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Support to Non-Annex 1 National Communications Reporting

Using best practice methodologies for monitoring reporting and verification (MRV), developed by our experts, Eco Qatar has the capacity to support the regional UNFCCC focal points and national communications members  to compile their GHG emission reports in an accurate and defensible manner. Our Guidelines which consist of a set of tiered approaches are designed to gradually improve the proficiency of monitoring and reporting by the industry in a stepwise fashion leading ultimately to international verification and the ability to subscribe to the international European carbon market. During the implementation phase of the monitoring program Eco Qatar will assess the specific needs by the industry in terms of hardware and training to improve their MRV capacity. Eco Qatar can conduct the required personnel training and also support procurement of the laboratory equipment and other monitoring facilities needed for continuous improvement. The client’s support may be extended upon request to cover other related climate change issues including development of mitigation projects under National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), Biennial Update Reports (BURs) and potential CDM projects.