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CSR Consultancy Services:

Collaborates with corporate and project developers in preparation of CSR Plan: We offer various services which include Developing CSR Plan by identifying and prioritizing key CSR issues through socioeconomic studies, Focused Group Discussions, Stakeholder Engagement, Other Participatory Rural Appraisal Techniques, Engagement with Senior Management and Development of CSR Strategies. 

Community Investment and Development Programs:

Companies around the world engage in community investment efforts as a way to promote local development and benefit stakeholders in their areas of operation. For the private sector, the Community Investment is the subset of overall social performance and corporate responsibility. Community investment programs can help companies gain a social license to operate, access land, reduce project and reputational risks, boost productivity, meet government requirements or global standards.

We can help companies to identify and develop initiatives which add value to business and local communities and help companies to engage with broader development projects and poverty alleviations strategies. We can work with companies to identify stakeholders, facilitate stakeholder engagement and needs analysis, identify strategic interventions and support programs management, monitoring and evaluation and implement CSR programs.

Rehabilitation and Resettlement Services:

Eco Qatar provides services to assess the impact of the development projects, identify the project affected persons and develop rehabilitation action plans to mitigate the adverse impacts and enhance the positive impacts of the project. We adopt participatory process to develop the action plans in the framework of the relevant R&R policies and guidelines.